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“An International Professional Outreach Program Across Cultures and Disciplines, with People in Mind…”

The West Virginia Council of International Programs (WVCIP) reaches out to international professional communities to foster training and work related opportunities with cross-cultural and multidisciplinary dimensions. WVCIP has established a unique track record of accomplishment in promoting professional development and international understanding around the world.

What is the mission and vision of WVCIP?

Mission: We recognize that friendship, understanding, and peace are created through cross-cultural experiences. To these ends, we provide international participants personalized opportunities for professional development and integration into community life, and we provide opportunities for U.S. citizens to experience and understand other cultures.

Vision: We will be regional leaders in promoting international exchange programs for continued development and intercultural experiences for professionals. The aim is for participants to apply new knowledge, experience, and skills for the benefit of their home countries.